Tree Top


Blackberry Ginger Barbecue Sauce


500 g Tree Top Blackberry Puree

30 g Tree Top Pear Flake Powder

4 g Ancho chili powder

3 g yeast extract

2.80 g kosher salt

2 g cumin, ground

1.10 g koji aji powder

0.30 g xanthan gum

2 g roast pork type flavor, natural

0.40 g blackberry flavor, natural

98 g ketchup

98 g honey

65.75 g brown sugar

7.50 g fresh ginger, finely minced

45 g hot sauce

60 g onions, fire roasted

12 g apple cider vinegar

3 g cilantro, IQF chopped



Blend all dry ingredients together. Plate the flavors on the dry ingredients and set aside.

Heat wet ingredients in a kettle, then add the dry ingredient blend and mix continuously.

Heat to 160°F while continuously mixing.

Cool immediately and pack into pouches; store refrigerated.