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California Pear Bloom 2018
4/16/2018 By Dan Winiecke
California Bartlett pear bloom has been long and drawn out similar to other fruit trees in the San Joaquin Valley this season.
More on shopping patterns & clean labels
3/29/2018 By Jeannie Swedberg
Gen Z wants organic. Millennials: healthy. Boomers: locally sourced. While that all sounds different, there's a common thread--all of these desires fit into the clean label trend.
California Bartlett Pear Production
6/27/2017 By Dan Winiecke
The California Bartlett pear crop estimate is larger than in 2016, but close to the crop harvested in 2015.
California Pear Bloom 2017
3/24/2017 By Dan Winiecke
California pear bloom is currently taking place in the main districts in the state. The bloom period went well in the Sacramento area.
California Bartlett Pear 6-20-2016
6/20/2016 By Dan
The California Pear Advisory Board has established a crop estimate for Bartlett pear production in California this summer. The crop is estimated to be down in each of the districts in California.
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