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More Millennial Fodder
8/25/2017 By Jeannie Swedberg
Not a week—scratch that—day goes by without an article, research study, commentary on Millennial habits, likes/dislikes and general demeanor. Despite being under this marketing microscope, Millennials maintain their optimism and openness. You have to admire that. Here’s a quick update on a few Millennial habits.
Millennial munching
6/26/2017 By Jeannie Swedberg
As Millennials (23- to 40-year-olds) lead the charge to snacking and away from traditional sit-down meals. (According to Mintel, the Millennial generation is the most likely to snack four or more times a day (25%). Gen X consumers trail at 10 percent, followed by Boomers at a mere 9 percent.) Along the way, Millennials are influencing the makeup of snack foods. Since snacking isn’t only an indulgence for younger consumers, it’s also sustenance—they’re upping the ante
Snacking or modern meals?
5/23/2017 By Jeannie Swedberg
Snacking is replacing regular meals more and more. Within the dynamic snacking landscape, innovation in bars have is rampant, especially with simple ingredients like fruit and nuts.
Pet Owner Survey Says…
4/21/2017 By Jeannie Swedberg
At this year’s Pet Food Forum, one of the pre-show workshops focused on consumer insights, and the value they can play as companies develop or tweak products, specifically for the pet food market. Set in a gameshow format – Pet Family Feud – took nearly 200 pet food professionals to school on the thinking consumers exhibit when it comes to their pets.
A look into food's future
4/13/2017 By Jeannie Swedberg
Recently at a Consumer Direct (think e-commerce) food conference held at the Google offices in Chicago, a researcher from Technomic was making the case for why meal kits and their ilk are gaining so much attention and capitol in the food space these days, and what it's going to take for them to be successful. The conclusions were...