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California Strawberry Acreage December 13, 2017
12/13/2017 By Dan Winiecke
California strawberry acreage will be lower in 2018 than it was in 2017. Winter acreage will be off by 6.5%.
California Strawberry Processing Volume to September 16
9/19/2017 By Dan Winiecke
Strawberry processing pounds are down for #1 grade and up for juice grade this year.
California Strawberry - September 19, 2017
9/19/2017 By Dan Winiecke
Oxnard strawberry planting has been delayed a few days. Acreage will be reduced again this year in the district due to poor market conditions.
Grape 2017
7/10/2017 By Tyler Edwards
Grape 2017 - The fruit set on Concord Grapes in Burbank, WA looks to be OK after the cold Winter and wet Spring we had here in Washington. Due to these growing conditions...
Blackberry Harvest 2017
7/10/2017 By Tyler Edwards
Blackberry 2017 in Oregon is currently underway and is expected to last until early August.
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