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California Processed Strawberry to May 20
5/22/2017 By Dan Winiecke
California processing strawberry volume is running a little ahead of last year at this point in time.
California Strawberries in Cold Storage as of April 30
5/22/2017 By Dan Winiecke
Cold storage inventory of strawberries at the end of April in the US is up from where it was in 2016.
California Cling Peach - May 22, 2017
5/22/2017 By Dan Winiecke
The California cling peach crop is estimated to be a little larger this season than in 2016. A grower price has not been set yet in the industry.
California Strawberry - April 20, 2017
4/20/2017 By Dan Winiecke
Freezer grade strawberry volume has been lower this year. Processor price posting is later this year than in the recent past.
Apple Bloom Cycles and Harvest Predictors
3/30/2017 By Cris Hales
There is a science behind determining the harvest of our Washington State apples. Apple harvest is between August to early November with Red Delicious falling in the middle to later part of the harvest window...
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