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Dan Winiecke

California Pear Bloom 2018
4/16/2018 By Dan Winiecke
California Bartlett pear bloom has been long and drawn out similar to other fruit trees in the San Joaquin Valley this season.
California Strawberry April 16, 2018
4/16/2018 By Dan Winiecke
Fresh market strawberry volumes continue to increase each week in the state. Larger volumes of fruit are coming in the next few weeks.
California Strawberry - April 9, 2018
4/9/2018 By Dan Winiecke
California processed grade strawberry continues to lag in volume for this time of year compared to past seasons. It doesn't look that will change much in the next few weeks.
California Bloom Update April 3, 2018
4/3/2018 By Dan Winiecke
Bloom time in California this year is long and drawn out. Weather events have caused an unusual bloom pattern in the Central Valley this year.
Frozen Strawberry Inventory to February 28
3/26/2018 By Dan Winiecke
USDA Cold Storage Report numbers show decreasing inventory levels of strawberry in the U.S.
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