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Dan Winiecke

California Fresh Strawberry to March 18
3/24/2017 By Dan Winiecke
California fresh market strawberries are lagging behind the volume of the past few seasons YTD.
California Apricot March 2017
3/24/2017 By Dan Winiecke
The California apricot crop looks to be set very light in some orchards this year. This will have an impact on the overall crop in 2017.
California Pear Bloom 2017
3/24/2017 By Dan Winiecke
California pear bloom is currently taking place in the main districts in the state. The bloom period went well in the Sacramento area.
California Strawberry Field Price 2017
3/17/2017 By Dan Winiecke
Price posting for processing strawberries in California may be delayed this year.
California Strawberry Juice Stock to March 11
3/17/2017 By Dan Winiecke
California strawberry juice stock volume has been light the last two weeks, but this may change with the return of wet weather next week.
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